A variety of the applications can be found for well-dispersed CNTs in the solution. The applications include, but not limit to, cathode and anode in Liion battery, the fillers in fabric materials and carbon fiber composites.

  1. Li-ion battery:
    Using CNTs as an additive in cathode and anode of Li-ion batteries, the performance of the batteries in terms , efficiency capacity will be enhanced.
  2. Anti-statics materials/ cloth:
    A mixture of CNT solution and polymer can be processed to become hybrid-material composite for the purpose of anti-statics applications.
  3. Transparent conductive film:
    ANP has developed many types of CNTs for the electrical conductive applications. We are working with other companies for the development of CNT transparent conductive films for the applications of touch panel, solar cell, transparent electrode for display, electromagnetic shielding and so on.
  4. Fuel cell:
    ANP CNT solution can be used in both biopolar plate and membrane electrode assembly in the fuel cell to enhance the conductivity and increase corrosion resistance.
  5. CNT solution can be customized depending on customer requirements.  ANP has developed hydrophobic or hydrophilic CNTs for the use with different types of solvents. The solution can be used with polymers such as PU and PMMA for the applications for thermal, mechanical and electrical applications.