CNT dispersion technology is one of most important technology to process CNTs. Because of the nature of nanomaterials, the nanoparticles known as primary particles will aggregates to form micro-sized aggregation namely secondary particles.  As a result, some of the characteristics of nanoparticles can not be performed in terms of the physical and chemical properties.  By the SEM observation, as-produced CNTs formed micro-sized “spaghetti-like” aggregates. In order to let CNT have a good performance in matrix, the quality of dispersion plays an important role.

ANP offer of variety of water-based and solvent- based CNT solutions for the applications such as Li-ion battery, fuel cell, supercapacitor,led and so on. In general, 1-2.5 wt% CNT can be added in desired solvents. Please contact ANP for details.