Advanced Nanopower (ANP) Inc. was established in 2004. ANP is devot in the production of multi-wall carbon nanotubes (CNT) and the development of the CNT related products. We provide rapid, efficient and professional services adapted to customers’ needs in high quality CNTs and consultation. Please contact us anytime!

Advanced Nanopower (ANP)Inc. embodied the concept of technologies research with continuous emphasis on the CNT production proceses and application developments. By collaborating with customers in various industries,R&D institutes,and professors,ANP has mapped a blueprint of commercialization of CNT related products.

Advanced Nanopower (ANP) Inc. has successfully develop many types of high purity carbon nanotubes. Depending on the needs of the product, we offer different types of CNT to our customers in many forms such as powder, solution, slurry and paste. ANP’s CNT applications includes, not limited to, anti-static plastic for 3C products, electromagnetic interference devices, electrode additives for Li-ion battery and fuel cell, CNT–composite in the reinforcement applications, CNT- grease for the heat dispersion of the chip, and CNT emitters for the field emission display, lighting and backlighting applications.

Our goal is to establish strong vertical supply chain relationships with different industries by integrating "no me too" technologies into vary applications and become a "World Famous" and "Taiwam No.1" CNT materials supplier.